“I bought the shower gel for my son who has sensitive skin, eczema and acne on his back, he has used it twice and it’s amazing, his eczema has cleared and his acne is already 90% better. Thank you for such a wonderful product".
Donna Brooks, South West UK

“Both the Shower Gel/Hand Wash and the Replenishing Lotion are gorgeous but I particularly love the lotion! It smells absolutely wonderful and, although unlike other heavier hand and body lotions it's quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling and looking silky for ages. My hands in particular have never looked so good, thanks to the little Neem treat they get every time they've been in water!”
June Rowlands, Radio Host, Girls Around Town, Radio Newark

“Using all the Neem products together has supported my skin and hair in such gentle yet powerful ways, the skin on my body is no longer dry and my hair stays less oily for a few days. My partner and his family have fallen in love with the hand wash and shower gel, my sister in law has already ordered it to come directly to her closest Superdrug store! It’s so good to find kind products on the high street.”
Stephanie Crosby, The Isle of Wight

“The two oil products I’d purchased were NEEM Sweet Orange & Cinnamon Leaf and the second one was Tri - Dosha Pitta COOLING. Both products are great, the reason why I purchased the two because I was looking for a natural oil with quality sourced ingredients, to use alongside my non scented natural deodorant roller. A lot of commercial deodorants are full of chemicals which have an effect on health. The oils are too refreshing giving off this natural aroma of fruit and spices used to make the products. The products have so many health benefits I'm sure Sunita would be able to list them.”
Sebastian Sutherland, Nottingham

“I’ve purchased the NEEM Hand Wash and Shower Gel with Sweet Orange & Rose Geranium essential oils. This product is beautiful in the sense you can feel the quality of liquid in contact with your skin compared to cheap commercial ones leaving your skin feeling really dry and dehydrated. If you’re looking for quality products, a company that really cares about your health, sourcing the best ingredients not to compromise on health, you need not to look no further.”
NRichardson, London

“Using the Neem hair oil is like giving myself a spa treatment, it feels nourishing for your whole body, I leave it in and wrap my head in a sarong, I can feel the oil soaking into my scalp, it’s been great to ease my head tension and I gave the 100% Neem oil to my friend with terrible Psoriasis, he’s finding it so useful blended with another oil to calm his skin down.”
Steph Mei, Cornwall

“I have been using the Neem hand wash and shower gel, it’s gentle and kind to my skin, smells amazing and doesn't dry my skin. It's like a mini aromatherapy session!”
Wilson, Nottingham

“I purchased the duo Neem Powder and beautiful Hand & Body Wash. I’m so pleased with the results. The acne on my face has cleared up a lot, and body wise, my skin is soft - I think softer than before I used the body wash, and the acne on my back has improved about 50% or so. The skin on my back doesn't feel oily anymore, just soft and dry. Also the smell of the body wash is really lovely!!”
Janet Savage, Nottingham

‘I have thick shoulder length hair and I have tried a lot of different organic conditioners, but after using Neem YlangYlang and Lemon conditioner I saw an immediate difference in my hair after drying it. It was noticeably much shinier, softer and more manageable and the lemon scent was natural and very uplifting. I will be keeping this stocked regularly in my bathroom cupboard.’
Lisa Agasee, London