The Neem back story

Neem is on the ascendency in the UK, finding a coveted place in more and more of our health and beauty regimens. This unique super ingredient may be relatively new to us here but it has a long and rich history in many parts of the world and plays a significant part in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Story has it that when the Indian sages (practitioners) noted that the people deserved better health solutions, they sent a group of 52 wise men to Rishikesh in the Himalayan mountains to discuss possible natural solutions. From here, the wisdom of Neem was retrieved and passed on to make this unique purifying tonic. Due to its numerous health benefits, Neem is now just under a billion-dollar industry, with India and Asia Pacific as the largest market.

I created NEEM Sunita Passi as a little sister to Tri-Dosha.